Stands for honest and clear advice for drinking water installations. With our advice you can work well in practice!

Our specialism: Safe drinking water installations for Shipbuilding and offshore and mega yachts

  • Troubleshooting
    • Temperatures, Legionella, Leakages, etc.

  • Newbuilds
    • Advice and installation works

  • Refit
    • Advice and installation works

  • Commissioning

  • Piping general
    • All kind off materials, like plastics, (stainless) steel, copper, Cunifer, etc.

  • Monitoring & Calculation

  • Projects & trainings
    • Legionella, non-return & backflow preventing, materials, rules, etc.Corrosion, Monitoring & Calculation

What does A3-TEAM do?

A3 stands for “Accomplished As Agreed”. Completing projects as agreed is the foundation of our company. This can be confirmed by many references and is also the reason that we build long-lasting relationships.

Our activities revolve around technical installations. This includes advice, calculation, drawing, installation, commissioning and management. We currently do this for >90% in the maritime and offshore market. Purely because we really like that market and focus on it.

Technical installations sound general. You can think of bilge, ballast, grey and black water, but also scrubber (cleaning exhaust gases at sea), process and technical water.

We have a number of specializations including;

Drinking water, Legionella, Pipingsystems and Materials Science.

In addition, we also supply all kinds of materials such as fittings, couplings, valves, control valves and hoses for the above installations and everything related to the engines (cooling, turbo, etc.)

What/who is A3-TEAM?

Although we write and speak in the “we” form, the B.V. is 1 person, Jeroen Stelling-Freyee.

However, we have a large number of independent technicians. For each project we put together a team with the best people for the job.

Our strengths are:

1. We work with motivated technicians, who know what a customer wants.

2. We are very communicative towards the customer and v.v.

3. Clean and neatly work is more than a must for us.

The above is verifiable at many companies. In addition, we have a large network of suppliers, specialists, policymakers and government.

Certificates etc.

Besides -of course- fully VCA, we also have many certificates in terms of safety such as BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training), CA-EBS (Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System for helicopter flights) and STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers).

Also, we have many technical certificates to be able to work with certain materials or installations.

In addition, also sailing licenses, seaman's books and service booklets

In short; knowledge is power!


For any question:

1. give us a call --> +31 6 223 771 82

2. drop us an email --> info@dwias.com

3. send a Whatsapp

4. contact us via Linkedin


Aerator polluted.

1. What's the reason and risk?

2. How to avoid?

This is called dezincification. Please buy the good materials! This is a waste of time and money

Oh, oh. A galvanized drinking water line. This was a part from the circulation. What's the result:

1. Obstruction and biofilm

2. Lower hot water temp.

3. Legionella

4. Peolpe evacuated from platform

5. Lost of production and a lot of money!